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TTU BioMed Journal Club

Our Faculties


Research Areas:

Spintronics; Magnetic biosensors; Magnetic imaging; Magnetic nanomaterials and nanodevices; Magnetic neuromodulation and recording


Research Areas:

Biomechanics in cardiovascular diseases and cancer metastasis; Mechanics in biomaterial design and tissue engineering; Stem cell-derived tissue engineering; Nanomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery


Research Areas:

Biomechanics and bio-inspired systems; Robotics and multibody dynamic systems; Human modeling and simulation; Human locomotion; Slips and falls; Spine biomechanics; Human-centric design; Healthcare engineering


Research Areas:

Biomedical Signal Processing; Medical Instrumentation; Identification and Modeling of Physiological Systems; Non-Invasive Physiological Monitoring; Home Monitoring of Health and Disease; Wireless Communication and Networks


Research Areas:

Acoustics/ultrasonics; Biomedical ultrasound imaging; Biomedical ultrasound therapy; Medical devices; Biomechanics; Signal & imaging processing; Ultrasound nondestructive testing/evaluation


Research Areas:

Heart−Valve Tissue Mechanics; Cardiovascular Mechano−Biology; Cardiovascular Medical Devices


Research Areas:

Microfluidics; Magnetophoresis; Blood Cells; CFD; Biosensors


Research Areas:

Rheology of biopolymer solutions/cell suspensions; Fabrication of microspheres/nanofibers; 3D bioprinting of living cells/tissues; 3D printing of functional materials; Electrohydrodynamic jet printing

Encourage PhD students to read papers. Improve PhD students’ academic presentation skills.

Spring 2023 BioMed Journal Clubs

Location: ECE 226
Time: Weekly on Wednesday 3 - 4 pm

Feb 1

Andres Mena

Mar 1

Hashem Saker

Apr 5

 Sanjay Mahat 

Feb 8

 Stefano Ciannella 

Mar 8

Nisha Khatiwada

Apr 12

 Jiachen Liu 

Feb 15

Yifan Li

Mar 22

Zhongxi Zhou

Apr 19

Sadman Labib

Feb 22

 Parsa Yari 

Mar 29

Seunghun Lee

Apr 26

Md Shahriar

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