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Magnetic Field Detection using Spin-torque Nano-oscillator Combined with Magnetic Flux Concentrator

Tonini, D., Saha, R., Wu, K., & Wang, J.P. (2023)

AIP Advances13, 035228.

Recent Advances in Magnetoresistance Biosensors: A Short Review

Dey, C., Yari, P., & Wu, K. (2023) 

Nano Futures, 7, 012002.

Ultra-Flexible Giant Magnetoresistance Biosensors for Lab-on-A-Needle Biosensing

Su, D., Wu, K., Srinivasan, K., Nemati, Z., Zamani, R., Chugh, V.K., Saha, R., Franklin, R., Modiano, J., Stadler, B. and Wang, J.P. (2023)

Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2201417.

GMR Biosensing with Magnetic Nanowires as Labels for the Detection of Osteosarcoma Cells

Su, D., Um, J., Moreno, J., Nemati, Z., Srinivasan, K., Chen, J., Zamani, R., Shore, D., Wu, K., Kosel, J., Modiano, J., Franklin, R., Wang, J.-P., & Stadler, B. (2023) 

Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 350, 114115.

Frequency and Amplitude Optimizations for Magnetic Particle Spectroscopy Applications

Chugh, V.K., di Girolamo, A., V.K., Krishna, V.D., Wu, K., Cheeran, M.C., & Wang, J.P. (2023)

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2023, 127, 1, 450–460

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