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[78] Spintronic Devices for Biomedical Applications

Mostufa, S., Liang, S., Chugh, V.K., Wang, J.P., & Wu, K. (2024)

npj Spintronics. Accepted.


[77] Advancements and Perspectives in Optical Biosensors

Mostufa, S., Rezaei, B., Ciannella, S., Yari, P., Gómez-Pastora, J., He, R., & Wu, K. (2024) 

ACS Omega. Accepted.


[76] Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI): Design and Applications

Rezaei, B., Tay, Z., Mostufa, S., Manzari, O.N., Azizi, E., Ciannella, S., Moni, H.E.J., Li, C., Zeng, M., Gómez-Pastora, J., & Wu, K. (2024)

Nanoscale, xx, xx.


[75] Planar Microcoil Arrays for in vitro Cellular-Level Micromagnetic Activation of Neurons

Saha, R., Benally, O.J., Faramarzi, S., Bloom, R., Wu, K., Tonini, D., Shiao, M., Keirstead, S.A., Low, W.C., Netoff, T.I., & Wang, J.P. (2024) Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B. 42, 3, 033001.


[74] Electric Field Dropping Effect Enhanced Extraordinary Sensitivity of THz Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Metamaterial

Liu, X., Sun, J., Shi, Z., Xiu, S., Cui, Y., Hou, Y., Li, R., Wang, N., Zhang, L., Li, X., & Wu, K. (2024)

IEEE Sensors Journal, 2024, 24, 6, 7807 - 7815.

[73] Magnetic Nanoparticles: A Review on Synthesis, Characterization, Functionalization, and Biomedical Applications

Rezaei, B., Yari, P., Sanders, S.M., Wang, H., Chugh, V.K., Liang, S., Mostufa, S., Xu, K., Wang, J.P., Gómez-Pastora, J., & Wu, K. (2024)

Small, 20, 5, 2304848.

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