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Theme 4: Magnetic Neuromodulation & Recording


Closed-loop Magnetic Modulation of Vagus Nerve

In this project, we are collaborating with PIs and MDs from University of Minnesota Medical School, Neurosurgery Department, Biomedical Engineering Department, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and Mayo Clinic. The goal of this project is to build a closed-loop micromagnetic stimulation and recording platform to advance the treatment of neurological disorders in a spatially selective and anti-biofouling manner at the resolution of a single neuron.

Magnetic Sensors for Neuron Activity Recording

While many methods of brain mapping have been demonstrated, we believe that the use of magnetic sensors will provide additional information on neural activities, especially with higher spatial resolution. We have chosen to add cyclic voltammetry/amperometry and magnetic field sensors to enhance the neural information obtained with the electrical sensors, which can detect action potentials and sums of synaptic activity of neurons.

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