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Wu Research Group Expands with the Addition of Two PhD Students in Fall 2023

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that Bahareh Rezaei and Shahriar Mostufa have been accepted into the PhD program at TTU for the fall of 2023!

Bahareh has been awarded the TTU Distinguished Graduate Student Assistantship (DGSA) and will focus her research on the synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanomaterials. Her work will delve into the exploration of medical applications for these nanomaterials, pushing the boundaries of their potential in healthcare.

Meanwhile, Shahriar will be working on the development of a cutting-edge magnetic particle imaging (MPI) system and wearable sensors. Additionally, he will engage in the modeling of plasmic and magnetic biosensors, enhancing our understanding of their mechanisms and optimizing their performance.

We are proud to have Bahareh and Shahriar join our research team, and we eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions they will make in their respective areas of expertise. Congratulations to both of them on their well-deserved admission to the PhD program at TTU!



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