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New Paper Published in npj spintronics

Our recent review article with the collaborating lab (Jian-Ping Wang), titled "Spintronic Devices for Biomedical Applications" has been published in npj Spintronics, a Nature Portfolio journal.

The biomedical applications of spintronic devices represent a unique and significant topic within the broader field of spintronics. This review provides an up-to-date technological overview of several popular spintronic devices, with a specific focus on GMR, TMR, and AMR effects, emphasizing their applications in the growing field of biomedical technologies.

In addition to in vitro magnetic biosensing, these MR sensors have been actively explored for magnetocardiography and neural signal recording. As these devices continue to advance, the potential to achieve unprecedented precision in the acquisition and interpretation of biomedical signals heralds the opening of new frontiers in diagnosis, monitoring, and understanding of complex physiological processes.



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