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New Paper Published in Advanced Healthcare Materials

Our recent work with collaborating labs (Drs. Jeffrey Chalmers, Indrajit Srivastava, and Jenifer Gómez-Pastora) titled "Effect of Polymer and Cell Membrane Coatings on Theranostic Applications of Nanoparticles: A Review" has been published in Advanced Healthcare Materials.

This review focuses on categories like magnetic, gold, silver, and quantum dots, tailored for biomedical uses. It compares various synthesis methods and highlights surface coatings with synthetic polymers and cell membranes to enhance biocompatibility and functionality. These coated nanoparticles are promising for applications such as MRI, hyperthermia, photothermia, bioassays, and drug delivery. The review aims to provide comprehensive insights into these nanoparticles, addressing challenges in their practical use and discussing future trends in the field.



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